General Terms & Conditions

General Terms & Conditions at Naturel Hotels & Resorts

The following terms and conditions

are part of the contractual relationship between you the guest and Naturel Hotels & Resorts, which include the village SCHÖNLEITN, the village SEELEITN & the mountain resort DIE KANZLERIN, belonging to Naturel Hotels & Resorts GmbH. Thus the general terms and conditions apply to all 3 establishments.

This confirmation of booking has been generated as a result of your booking and becomes binding for both parties as soon as the confirmation is issued by the hotel. Without any other formalities this forms the basis of the lodging contract, which means that the hotel is obliged to reserve the apartment and the you are obliged to pay for it.

Conclusion of contract and the deposit

The lodging contract comes into effect usually when the hotel accepts your written or verbal order. Deposit: 25% of the total value of the booking will be debited from your credit card account. Not transferring the deposit is not equivalent to a cancellation on your part, however, in this case the hotel reserves the right to cancel the contract with you within an appropriate time limit and subsequent to informing you of what is about to happen.

Wedding bookings: A deposit of € 1,000 is payable to the hotel for fixed wedding bookings.

Arrival and departure

Check In form 4pm on at day of arrival, Check Out till 10 am at day of departure

Services included

Final room cleaning, energy costs, intermediate cleaning of room for stays of more than 7 days, first set of clean bed linen and towels, use of  pool area, sauna, infrared cabin, wellness area, kindergarden, parking.


Dogs are allowed at hotel village SCHÖNLEITN and at the mountain resort DIE KANZLERIN. Dogs are not allowed at hotel village SEELEITN.

Minimum stay

See details of the respective hotel: village SCHÖNLEITN, village SEELEITN and mountain resort DIE KANZLERIN.


The prices applicable are those given in the latest pricelist valid for the time when the services are actually used. If value added tax is applicable then this is included in the prices; should the rate of value added tax be increased after the contract has been concluded then the corresponding increase in price must be paid by the guest. Any local, spa or tourist authority charges as well as any other amounts that are charged by the hotel on behalf of third parties will be invoiced equivalent to the amount due at the time the services are performed.

The hotel offer a "fixed price guarantee" at the time of booking: this means that the price confirmed by the hotel at the moment of booking is the final, fixed price. Therefore, neither energy surcharges (etc.) nor price increases will be considered to the pricing afterwards.
Subsequently booked services (e.g. breakfast on site) will be charged to the guest as usual.

Price errors excepted: In the event of a gross pricing error, the hotel reserves the right to make a corresponding price correction.

Local, spa or tourist taxes (taxe) as well as other contributions levied by the hotel on behalf of third parties will be charged at the rate applicable at the time the service is provided.

Conditions of payment

All hotel invoices are due in full when the guest checks out of the hotel or when the invoices are handed over to him, whatever comes first; this also applies to weekly invoices. If the time allowed for payment is exceeded

Withdrawal from the contract and cancellation

In the event of force majeure and any other hindrances not the fault of the hotel, in particular those that could occur outside of the scope of influence of the hotel, the hotel reserve the right to cancel the contract without the guest having any right to claim compensation.

Withdrawal and cancellation

In the event of force majeure and other impediments for which the hotel is not responsible, in particular such impediments
outside the hotel's sphere of influence, the hotel reserves the right to withdraw from the contract without the guest being entitled to any compensation claims.

Cancellation conditions

For individual bookings:

  • 0% up to 8 days before planned arrival.
  • from 7 days until cancellation on the day of travel or no-show 90% of the booked service.

For groups & Seminars:

Will be agreed individually depending on the size and length of stay of the group/event. Therefore, depending on the agreement, the following guidelines apply for groups & seminars:

  • free of charge: up to 3 months before the start of the event                             
  • 40 % of the booked service: 3 months to 1 month before the start of the event           
  • 70 % of the booked service: 1 month to 1 week before the start of the event                                    
  • 90 % of the booked service: 1 week until the start of the event (no show).


The hotel shall only be liable for items brought into the hotel up to the statutory maximum amount. The safekeeping of valuables, money and securities may be refused if the items are considerably more valuable than guests of the hotel usually leave in safekeeping. Otherwise, valuables are to be deposited in the flat safe or (on request) in the hotel safe with other liability exemption of the hotel.

Lost property will only be forwarded at the risk and expense of the guest. Otherwise, the lost property will be offered for sale after the expiry of a one-year storage period.
The hotel shall only be liable for property damage suffered by the guest if the property damage occurred within the scope of the hotel's operations and the hotel or its employees are guilty of gross negligence.

If a parking space is made available to the guest in the garage or at another location, even for a fee, this shall not constitute a safekeeping contract. The hotel shall have no duty of supervision. For motor vehicles of guests, the hotel shall only be liable for such damage to the motor vehicle which is either due to a pre-existing defect of the space or which is proven to have been caused by the hotel or the hotel's employee intentionally or by gross negligence.


Subletting or re-letting as well as the use of hotel rooms (flats) for other than residential purposes requires the prior written consent of the hotel.
An extension of the stay by the guest requires the consent of the accommodation provider (hotel).
For all disputes arising from the accommodation contract, it is agreed that the court having jurisdiction over the accommodation establishment shall be the competent court.

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