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In- & Outdoor Teambuilding Possibilities - On Site

The Naturel Hotels & Resorts on Lake Faak and on the Gerlitzen Alpe offer ideal conditions for your teambuilding event. The hotel village SCHÖNLEITN has its own training facility for teambuilding activities, which consists of so-called "High Elements". Complementary to this, so-called "Low Elements" are offered, which can be carried out on site. 

For detailed information on the various possibilities, please contact our event manager Heidrun Heber at +43 50 2384 - 210 or by email at

High Elements

You won't find this combination a second time in the Villach-Faaker See region.
An exercise facility for seminar-accompanying and seminar-supporting teambuilding, directly in the seminar hotel in the village of SCHÖNLEITN. The High Elements are supervised by trained trainers/guides.

  • Pole: After various checks, one participant climbs, secured by the group, onto the pole (free-standing, high tree trunk) and, after reaching the previously set goal, jumps into the safety ropes (pendulum swing).
  • Flying Bridge: A maximum of 2 participants climb up the entry ladder and through perfect teamwork the climbers are able to cross the bridge.
  • Kings X: Two wooden trunks form an X and the participants have the task of reaching the top together via various stepping and holding pins as well as rope tensions.

Low Elements

In addition to the high rope elements (the ideal exercise facility for seminar-accompanying and seminar-supporting team training), directly at the conference location in the Naturel Hoteldorf SCHÖNLEITN, the so-called low elements (exercises on the ground, can be carried out both indoors and outdoors) are a perfect match.

Depending on your wishes, the low elements are accompanied and supervised by a trained trainer, your own trainer or in combination with the trainer of your seminar training. The Low-Elements target topics such as teamwork, interaction, time management, planning & strategy, quality of work, role allocation, communication, leadership, reflection and cooperation.

  • Acid River: The Acid River is a classic. Here you have to think, coordinate and tackle in order to reach the goal.
  • Blind Treasure: A challenging task that illustrates the importance of talking to each other, asking questions, focusing, working together and having a facilitator/leader/project manager.
  • Bridge building "da Vinci": The result should be a self-supporting construction to overcome a symbolic gap.  An ideal exercise where different ways of thinking/departments/cultures/companies should come together.
  • Communication bar: It is a real treasure! You balance on it and solve a task at the same time. Skill & creativity are required to achieve the common goal.
  • Tower of Babel: The Tower of Babel (Genesis 11, 1-9) is one of the most famous biblical stories of the Old Testament. The Bible tells of a people from the East who speak a language and settle in the plain in a land called Shinar. There they plan to build a city and a tower "with a top reaching to heaven".
  • Planquadrat: Emergence of a learning system, structural changes, team development, process optimisation, planning, dealing with time pressure are only a few of the many topics this exercise addresses.

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