Naturel Hotels & Resorts in Austria

Holidays in Carinthia at Lake Faak

Arrive, feel good, be cared for - exactly mine!

In the centre of Carinthia is the home of Naturel Hotels & Resorts - the village of SEELEITN and the village of SCHÖNLEITN on Lake Faak.
The two hotel villages have been inspiring guests for years with their special village character and charming atmosphere. From the very beginning, one thing has stood out in both villages: the charming atmosphere of village life, surrounded by authentic old farmhouses.

The Naturel Hotels & Resorts stand for down-to-earthness & modernity. They offer relaxation and yet plenty of room for activity. Parents & families love it when the children can run around freely and so there is also time as a "couple".

Holidays without children at Lake Faak give you the opportunity to enjoy intimacy to the full. Naturel time is also time for two . There is so much space in the Naturel Hotels & Resorts, individual togetherness and romance can be lived.

What do our guests think about their holiday on Lake Faak at the Naturel Resort? Feeling in good hands from the very first moment, relaxation, cosiness, good food and the friendliness of the Naturel team. Our motto: Arrive, feel good, be cared for - exactly mine!

Outside the hotels you will find further possibilities for very personal experiences. If you feel like it, go on a hike with a hiking guide or take a SUP tour on Lake Faak or Lake Ossiach. No pressure, just a leisurely pace. After all, you write your own holiday story.


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Naturel Hotels & Resorts
Village SCHÖNLEITN ****

Dorfstraße 26
9582 Oberaichwald
Carinthia . Austria
Phone +43 5 023 84
Naturel Hotels & Resorts

Faaker See . Naturpark Dobratsch
Carinthia . Austria
Phone +43 5 023 844
Naturel Hotels & Resorts
Village SEELEITN ***

Seeufer-Landesstraße 59
9583 Faak am See
Carinthia . Austria
Phone +43 5 023 84