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Teambuilding Carinthia

Inside the hotel village area, Carinthia.

High Elements

You won’t find this combination again in the region Villach-Faaker See.
A training facility for accompanying and supporting team trainings, right inside the hotel area at Naturel Hotel Village SCHÖNLEITN.

Pole, Flying Bridge and Kings X are three convincing reasons.
Due to activity-oriented learning the learning process is holistic and does not only take place abstractly in mind. Security is of paramount importance, the panoramic high ropes course is supervised by skilled guides.


After various checks a participant climbs, secured by the group, on a pole (free-standing, high tree log) and jumps, after achievement of the previously set goal, into the security ropes (pendulum swing).


At most two participants climb up using the access ladder and are able to cross the bridge due to the perfect cooperation of the team.

Kings X

The participants have the task to reach the upper end of two logs forming an X by using various steps and holding pins as well as ropes.

Note: All exercises are designed according to ACCT standards and are practicable for everyone.
(ACCT = Association for Challenge Course Technology) and are supervised by skilled security persons.

For further information please contact: or +43 4254 2384 453.

Low Elements

Besides the panoramic high ropes course (the ideal training facility for accompanying and supporting team trainings), inside the hotel area at Naturel Hotel Village SCHÖNLEITN, there are the so-called Low Elements (exercises on the ground, indoor and outdoor).

The Low Elements are accompanied and supervised, if required, by the hotel’s own trainer, your own coach or in combination with your workshop coach. The Low Elements aim at issues like teamwork, interpersonal contact, time management, schedule & strategy, work quality, role allocation, communication, guidance, reflection and cooperation.

Acid River

The Acid River is a classic, requiring reflection, coordination and action to achieve the goal.

Blind Treasure

A challenging task showing how important it is to talk to each other, to ask, to concentrate, to cooperate and to have a moderator/leader/project manager.

Brückenbau „da Vinci“

The result should be a self-supporting construction to override a symbolic ditch. An ideal exercise to combine different ways of thinking/departments/cultures/companies.


It is a real treasure! You handle a job while balancing. Skills and creativity are necessary for the joint goal achievement.

Turmbau zu Babel

The tower of Babylon (Gen 11:1-9) is one of the best-known biblical narrations of the Old Testament. The Bible tells about a people from the east speaking a single language and settling in a plain of a land called Shinar. There they want to build a city and a tower „whose top may reach unto heaven“.


Development of a learning system, structure changes, team building, process optimization, scheduling, management of time pressure are just a few of the issues concerning this exercise.

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