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Enjoy Intimateness to the Full

During your holidays as a couple, with or without children. At Naturel there’s time for romance, everywhere. Enjoy the simple things in life and spend your day daydreaming. Culinary delights will come across your way just like nature experiences with a touch of spa feeling.


Holidays In Intimate Togetherness.

Perfect for time as a couples.

Here is a proposal: During your holidays at lake Faaker See just plunge or swim around the island. In winter try something new and join a ski tour up a snow-covered mountain. Back at Naturel Resort enjoy the sauna. The intimateness with the village life is easily perceptible.

Holidays at Naturel include a special kind of relaxation. The space at the hotel village makes you free. You’ll easily find a place to retreat. Change scene and recharge. And the Naturel team will care for your well-being.

And if you like to discover the region between the Alps and the Adriatic a holiday at the Naturel Resort is just ideal. We know many lovely destinations in Carinthia, Italy and Slovenia. Vineyards, cheese and ham producers and lovely historic villages that will complete your personal journey of pleasures.



Plenty of space in the hotel and the apartment

Not just great for families. Staying at lake Faaker See means finding your very personal place, individual freedom everywhere.

Culinary Delights by the Fireplace

To ensure a quiet and pleasurable evening we gladly reserve a table in the original fireplace room or the comfy village terrace for guests without children.

Active Nature Experiences with a Bit of Spa Feeling

Running, hiking, mountaineering, skiing, swimming and much more in combination with sauna, alpine hay beds and massages. Relaxing experience or pure adventure?

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